Friday, April 19, 2013

Teen Pregnancy and Diet

Do you know a teenager who is expecting? Many people do not realize how important a healthy diet is during teenage pregnancy  Teenagers truly are eating for two- because they are still developing their own body. Here is some advice for pregnant teens. Eating fruits and vegetables are very important. Foods like spinach, oranges, banana, kale, green peppers, berries and brussel sprouts should be the mainstay of your diet. Keep your iron levels in check. Yogurt and cheese are good choices for probiotics and calcium. Grains are a necessary source of carbohydrates- try brown rice, quinoa, pasta and whole wheat bread. Drinking a lot of water is a must as well. 
Despite the stigma, teenagers can make wonderful parents- look back to grandparents and other positive role models. Are you pregnant and need secure access to food? Food is a right. Check out your health unit for tips. As well, food banks and community groups can have specific programs in place.

As well a doula is a helpful resource for the end of your pregnancy. If a cost is a barrier, I can help you in exchange for a testimonial. A doula's job is to 'mother the mother'. I would love to help you out. I can help you decide whether breastfeeding is right for you. I can organize meals or your house. If there is something else you need help with please send me a message. 



  1. Diet is so important during pregnancy, and maybe even more so for teens who are still growing themselves.

  2. It definitely makes sense that since they are still developing themselves that they need to be extra aware of their own diets. I can't imagine having a baby as a teenager, but I do know many women who are fabulous mothers who had their children very young.